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Projects & Planning



More objectors coming forward – including local architects.    16 March 2012


Civic Society Letter to Council Planning Department, 22 March 2012:-

“Shrewsbury Civic Society welcomes the redevelopment of the dreary and outdated Riverside, Pride Hill and Darwin shopping centres and the opportunity to improve this area of the town.

We object for the following reasons:

1. Overdevelopment. With so many shops empty we believe that this amount of additional retail space will adversely affect small businesses within the loop, causing more to shut as purchasing power is transferred to the new development. This applies not just to shops but also to restaurants, cafés, etc.

2. Heritage impact. Many small businesses occupy important historic listed buildings, the upkeep of which requires that those within them should prosper. Transfer of shopping to the new centre would prejudice this.

3. The development is out of keeping with the historic character and scale of the town. Basically, it is much too big. We recognise that Shrewsbury must move with the times, but not to such an extent that it becomes a clone of other towns; this would impact on its unique character and lose the town much of its appeal to visitors.

Recommendation. That the principle of the redevelopment should be accepted, but on a much reduced scale, with more environmental benefits being built in, e.g. gardens, playspace, etc. Selby Martin on behalf of Shrewsbury Civic Society Planning Sub-committee.



No recent news or updates – 16 March 2012


This historic three-storey building, adjacent to  the Welsh Bridge, has suffered some structural problems due to water  leaking through the roof.   Structural engineers Carroll & Williams have investigated and say that these preceived problems would not hinder the scheme.       15 March 2012