Shrewsbury Civic Society Bear Steps Gallery, St. Alkmund’s Place, Shrewsbury, SY1 1UJ.

Terms and Conditions of booking.

1. Booking Form to be completed returned together with the booking fee (£40.00). Booking fee will be returned at the end of the exhibition providing the conditions of the booking have not been contravened.
2. Booking dates offered run for two weeks from Sunday to Saturday and the booking times are 10.00 am until 4.00 pm. Incoming exhibits can be hung on the Saturday evening from 6.00pm. The Gallery accepts bookings from Exhibitors for exhibitions that start within a 12 month period of receiving the Booking Form and fee. However the Gallery will accept provisional booking outside this period but there may a booking fee adjustment if costs rise.
3. One of three gallery room is available, you may apply for more than one:
1) The Main Hall on the ground floor, provides room for approx. 30 average sized paintings, plus a large table that provides space for other exhibits Cost for exhibition £120
2) The Balcony , first floor, has two platform areas that lend themselves to craft and draped exhibits. Approx. 20 average sized paintings can be hung. Cost for exhibition £70
3) The Link, first floor, is ideal for a more intimate exhibition. Approx. 12 average sized paintings can be hung. Cost for exhibition £40 Commission -20% of all gross sales The Exhibitor should return their account re commission within one week of the exhibition closing. Cancellations – once booked, if you need to cancel your exhibition, The Gallery requires four weeks’ notice.
4. A front door key will be provided for the duration of the exhibition ( £10 deposit). The key must be returned at the end of the exhibition and lost keys will be charged at replacement cost.
5. All exhibits must be insured by the Exhibitor. The Gallery accepts no liability for damage or loss of exhibits. All exhibitors must have Public Liability Insurance.
6. Exhibitors are responsible for all advertising and printing costs.
7. All exhibitors must nominate a responsible person for their exhibition.
8. All electrical equipment bought into the gallery must be PAC tested, labelled and dated. Any recorded music played must comply with the Law (over 70 years old) exhibitors can provide their own licence. Exhibitors must provide their own hanging facilities nails, cords etc. Please keep nails as small as possible to restrict damage to the hessian covered chip board walls.
9. Exhibits which, in view of the Gallery Committee, may offend public taste, will be removed.
10. The Gallery is open from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm 7 days a week. Exhibitors must provide their own Stewards to man their exhibition. Civic Society Stewards are only responsible for the kiosk/shop area. However, the Stewards have always been helpful to exhibitors.
11. All items sold are the total responsibility of the exhibitor. The contract is between the buyer and the seller.
12. No responsibility will be taken by the Gallery for any items left at the Bear Steps after the exhibition has closed. Storage will be charged. [formidable id=”4″]