The Planning Committee has many issues to deal with. Meeting upstairs at the Bear Steps Hall, it reviews the 50 or so applications made to the Local Authority every month and comments on a few.

NOTE that you can hear about the Flaxmill’s progress and discuss recent Planning concerns there on Thursday 22nd November at 7.00pm

Recent significant issues

Weir Hill/ Preston Street – We objected on the grounds of inadequate access and now monitor the detailed applications for the Discharge of Conditions. (There’s a little display in the Bear Steps entrance about housing growth)

The Stew – Along with the Local Authority and Historic England, we await the developer’s Viability Study, which the Local Authority regards as essential.

Dana Prison – We strongly support the development of the site but are carefully monitoring some of the detailed applications within the walls, and the car parking.

Copthorne Barracks – We support the principle of housing here but would like to see a high quality environment with more trees, sustainable homes (with all that that means) and heritage reflections.

Big Town Plan – We offered thoughts and suggestions during the development stages and have a position statement on our website that cautiously welcomes improvements but will comment on detailed plans

North West Relief Road – We have not identified all the up-to-date information about this and have purposely not determined any view.

Shrewsbury Growing Forward (SGF) – This group was started by Cllr Mackenzie and the Civic Society and is collecting views and finding ways to limit housing growth to high quality designs and estates only. A further Public Forum meeting is likely but there will be a public consultation on the (Shropshire wide) Local Plan, ending in January 2019

Mousecroft Lane/Radbrook Fields  –  We have objected to the development of this land, which is not earmarked for housing, not needed for Shrewsbury’s growth and would ruin a splendid green wedge.

Meanwhile, our little shop in the entrance to the Bear Steps Gallery provides lot of suggestions for Christmas presents and Shrewsbury-related cards and information

Shrewsbury Civic Society: October 2018.

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