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Males A-H

Sir Thomas Adams
Born in Wem, 1586; died in 1667
Lord Mayor of London 1654-55
Wem Secondary School is named after him

Dalian Atkinson
Born in Shrewsbury, 1968; died in 2016
Aston Villa footballer
Died in controversial circumstances in Telford

Charles Babbage
Born in Shrewsbury, 1791; died in 1871
Computer pioneer
Lived for significant periods at Dudmaston Hall, near Bridgnorth
Admiral John Benbow
Born in Shrewsbury, 1653; died in 1702
English naval officer
Fought several key naval engagements in wars against the French

William Penny Brookes
Born in Much Wenlock, 1809; died in 1895
Inspired the modern Olympic Games
Max Brown
Born in Yorkshire, 1981
Actor (roles in Crossroads, Hollyoaks, Casualty, Tudors, Spooks amongst others)
Spent most of his childhood in Shrewsbury
John Challis
Born in Bristol, 1942
Actor (best known for Only Fools and Horses and Green Green Grass)
Much of Green Green Grass was filmed around Ratlinghope
Robert Clive
Born in Market Drayton, 1725; died in 1774
Also known as Clive of India
Attributed with laying the foundations
Abraham Darby I
Born in Staffordshire, 1678; died in 1717
Attributed with starting the Industrial Revolution in Coalbrookdale
(See also Abraham Darby II, III and IV)
Charles Darwin
Born in Shrewsbury, 1809; died in 1882
Naturalist and geologist
Best known for the theory of evolution
Benjamin Disraeli
Born in Middlesex, 1804; died in 1881
Prime Minister 1868 and 1874-1880
MP for Shrewsbury 1841-1847
Henry Eckford
Born in Scotland, 1823; died in 1905
Moved to Wem in 1888 and established Eckford’s Nursery
William Farr
Born in Kenley, 1807; died in 1883
Epidemiologist and medical statistician
Worked in Shrewsbury; Best known for his work on cholera
Sir Edward German
Born in Whitchurch, 1862; died in 1936
Famous for incidental music and light opera
Ted Hankey
Born in Stoke, 1968
Two time World Professional Darts Champion
Lives in Telford
Joe Hart
Born in Shrewsbury, 1987
Professional Footballer
Won 75 international caps as England goalkeeper
Michael Heseltine
Born in Swansea, 1933
Senior Conservative politician
Old Boy of Shrewsbury School
Rowland Hill, 1st Viscount Hill
Born in Hawkstone Hall, 1772; died in 1842
British Army officer during the Napoleonic Wars; Commander-in-Chief 1828
Lived and died in Hadnall

Henry Hill Hickman
Born in Bromfield, 1800; died in 1830
Physician and promoter of anaesthesia
Practised in Ludlow and Shifnal
Alfred Edward Housman
Born in Bromsgrove, 1859; died in 1936
Classical scholar and poet
Best known for his cycle of poems known as ‘A Shropshire Lad’