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Males H-R

Ian Hunter
Born in Oswestry, 1939
Lead singer of the prog rock group, Mott the Hoople
Lived in Swan Hill, Shrewsbury
George Jeffries (Judge)
Born in Wrexham, 1645; died in 1689
Known as the Hanging Judge during the reign of James II
1st Baron of Wem and resident in Wem
Sandy Lyle
Born in Shrewsbury, 1958
Championship winning golfer

Thomas Minton
Born in 1765; died in 1836
Successful English potter, who started at the Caughley Pottery, near Broseley
Peter Jones (Actor)
Born in Wem, 1920; died in 2000
Film and TV actor
Was the ‘Book’ on the radio version of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Humphrey Kynaston
Birthdate unknown; died in 1534
Outlawed in 1491, became Shropshire’s own highwayman, operating from a cave near Nesscliffe
Roger de Montgomery
Birthdate unknown; died 1094
A principal councillor for William the Conqueror
First Earl of Shrewsbury – responsible for the castle and the abbey
Francis Moore
Born in Bridgnorth, 1657; died in 1715
Astrologer who published what became Old Moore’s Almanack
Len Murray
Born in Hadley in 1922; died in 2004
Former General Secretary of the Trade Union Congress
John Mytton
Born in Whittington in 1796; died in 1834
Known as Mad Jack Mytton, he was an eccentric and one time MP for Shrewsbury

John Osborne
Born in 1929; died in Clun in 1994
Famous playwright – one of the ‘Angry Young Men’
Lived in Clunton
Nick Owen
Born in 1947
TV presenter and newsreader
Educated in Shrewsbury
Wilfred Owen
Born in Oswestry in 1893; died in 1918
Leading poet of the First World War

Michael Palin
Born in Sheffield in 1943
Former schoolboy at Shrewsbury School
Old Tom Parr
Born in Alberbury in 1483; died in 1635
Allegedly lived for 152 years…

John Peel
Born in Cheshire in 1939; died in 2004
Radio 1 presenter, promoting many artists
Former schoolboy at Shrewsbury School
Edmund Plowden
Born in Lydbury in 1518; died in 1585
Legal scholar and theorist; Catholic recusant
Peter Postlethwaite
Born in 1946; died in Shrewsbury in 2011
English actor
Lived near Bishop’s Castle
Gordon Richards
Born in Donnington Wood in 1904; died in 1986
British flat racing champion jockey 26 times
Arthur Rowley
Born in 1926; died in Shrewsbury in 2002
Record goal scorer in English league football and for Shrewsbury Town