Margaret Agnes Rope was born in Shrewsbury in 1882. She designed windows for over sixty churches across the world, and her work is now held in prestigious museums, such as the New York Metropolitan Museum

Margaret lived at Priory House, then known as The Priory, which was home to the Rope family from 1901. Although Margaret set up a studio-base for herself in London from 1911, she never took up permanent residence in the city and was always ‘returning home’

After 1921, she was drawn to the religious life, entering a nunnery in 1923. It was an ‘enclosed’ convent, so she never saw Shrewsbury again. However, she continued to work at her craft from within the convent walls until the late 1930s. Her mother continued to live at Priory House until the 1950s

Seven of Margaret’s greatest windows can be seen in Shrewsbury Cathedral, 500 yards from Priory House. She used the large kitchen table at the house as a work-bench on which to make the designs for the cathedral’s Great West Window

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