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New Plan for the Stew – 14 August 2018

Another plan has been put forward for the Stew.

This one is an update posted on the previous application’s validation number (17/05538/FUL) so it is important to disassociate previous documents and comments.

Shrewsbury Civic Society feels this new plan is better than previous ones but reserves making overall comments until more information is known. It is noted that Shrewsbury Town Councillors are objecting to this scheme as it does not address their previous requests. It is also noted that Historic England says that the plan is better but still overwhelming. They insist that evidence is needed to justify such a large extension. A rigorous Viability Report has not been submitted.

The Civic Society has previously pointed out that Shrewsbury and its heritage buildings should not be undermined by past financial errors, nor by the lack of consideration of less intrusive schemes.

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