Reading List for Planning and Design

For those people who are interested in more information about planing and design, Mike Carter (Chair of the Planning Subcommittee) recommends the following, all of which can be found on-line and which can be accessed by clicking on the links on this page

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) (Feb 2019).
This document is used as a material factor in planning issues and applications should be compliant. It is the planner’s bible
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National Design Guide (Oct 2019).
This identifies ten characteristics of well-designed places, the first of which (called Context) covers developments that neighbour heritage assets and the countryside
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Building Better, Building Beautiful.

This report makes recommendations for a better quality of planning of developments and anticipates alterations to the NPPF

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Healthy Placemaking Report (2018).
This identifies how the design of homes and places can aid or hinder the long-term health of residents
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Place Alliance Report.
This looks at what is actually happening in terms of housing design in the country. It has important messages for house-builders, local authorities and government
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The Combined West Midlands Authorities Design Charter.
Planners hope this will be adopted by Shropshire and written into the Local Plan
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