The Planning Committee of Shrewsbury Civic Society

View local planning applications here

The 15-strong committee reviews the 50 or so monthly planning applications, commenting where they are particularly positive or negative for the town.  An agreed view is reached from the range of opinions expressed by the members that include several architects and professionals.  Letters are sent to the Planning Authority built discussions are also held on occasions.  The committee holds regular Forum meetings for society members to hear about topical issues. The Committee is always open to views of members and can co-opt people to join.

Sometimes planning applications hit the headlines and engage a whole community. This is because places matter to people. But how much those making the decisions listen to the people affected is a moot and often controversial point.

The Civic Society is trying to lobby generally for higher standards of design within the town. The county is proposing a high volume of house building up to 2036 and the quality of development is critical.

We are also getting more involved in strategic planning matters, a subject of particular interest to our current mayor. We will be hosting a public meeting in 2018 to discuss and raise awareness of strategy in different areas of the town. I hope that you will join us.





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