Shrewsbury Growing Forward (SGF)

Shrewsbury Growing Forward is an organisation dedicated to ensuring that only high quality new homes are provided for Shrewsbury.

It was started in 2018 by the then Mayor and Shrewsbury Civic Society. It has now grown and has staged two open forum meetings and it has a group meeting to plan its effectiveness. It is concerned about quick growth and weak controls over quality and master-planning.

  • Shrewsbury Growing Forward continues to meet. Is is not tied to the Civic Society.
  • A New National Planning Policy Framework was implemented in July 2018.
  • Shropshire Council is developing an accreditation scheme for developers.
  • Awards have been given for buildings by Shrewsbury Civic Society and by Shropshire Council.
  • The Big Town Plan has been published.
  • A National “Building Better-Building Beautiful” Commission was initiated.
  • SGF has a new chairman – Councillor Julian Dean.
  • Shropshire Council disbanded its Community Engagement Team but started a building company to provide affordable homes.
  • The Shropshire “Local Plan” consultation was opened for views.
  • There is now a facebook page whereby people can express interest and viewpoints.