Shrewsbury Civic Society Building Awards 2016

Shrewsbury Civic Society Building Awards 2016


What are they?

Shrewsbury Civic Society (SCS) gives Awards for buildings in Shrewsbury which are considered to make a positive contribution to the built environment of the Town.


What are the categories?

  1. New built buildings.
  2. Renovated or refurbished buildings.
  3. Shop fronts, new or refurbished.


When should the work have been completed?

The Awards are for buildings, or shopfronts, which have been completed between 1st January 2013 and the closing date 14th September 2016.


Who can enter?

Anybody can enter a building for an Award.  You don’t have to be a member of SCS. You don’t have to own the building. Entries are welcome from Owners, Occupiers, Builders, Developers, Architects, SCS Members, other organisations and from anybody interested in the built environment of Shrewsbury. There is an entry form available at Bear Steps, on the SCS Website (download the PDF below), and in the Newsletter but you can just submit the name of the building and the category and we will do the rest. The more people who participate the more we can promote the quality buildings of Shrewsbury.


Can I make more than one entry?



When can I make an entry?

From now until the closing date 14th September 2016.


When will the Awards be announced?

12.30pm on Friday 21st October 2016 at Bear Steps.


Why is this important?

SCS wants to recognise the excellent buildings of Shrewsbury. They give builders of the future something to aspire to. SCS wants the people involved in building to know that buildings which deserve to be recognised will receive a positive accolade. Please do participate.

SCS Awards 2016 Entry Form


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