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Stew Update February 2018 Mike Carter

Shrewsbury Civic Society has added to its objection to the application concerning the Stew

We re-iterate the urgent need for a sensible and sympathetic re-use of the building. However, we note that Historic England (HE), the nation’s inspectorate of heritage and buildings, has objected very strongly:

HE objections are that:

the proposals would cause harm to this heritage asset and the Special Character of Area of the Conservation area;

the current proposals are contrary to the 1990 Act and the NPPF;

an additional storey of development would have a highly detrimental impact;

if there has to be an extension, it should complement and be informed by the architecture of the existing building.

HE would encourage addressing the highway-dominated setting…. and…enhance the relationship with the river.

The Civic Society completely agrees and adds that the most recent design for the building’s development, does not comply with these points. As SAVE says, “It would cause significant harm to the building’s integrity and historic character, as well as harm to the Conservation Area.” The latest design, with changes to the windows and removal of the door, fails to grasp the distinctive qualities of the Queen Anne facade. Rather than elucidating the individuality of the building, it has rendered it unintelligible. Consequently, we are gratified to hear that this drawing is to be re-considered.

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