History group presentations - series two


Following on the success of The History of Shrewsbury: Season One, Shrewsbury Historica, in association with Shrewsbury Civic Society, is pleased to announce the impending arrival of Season Two. The new season will build on what was looked at during Season One, starting off where Season One ended – i.e. in 1154, just after the Anarchy and at the start of the reign of Henry II.

As with Season One, there will be five separate presentations looking at various aspects of Shrewsbury in the High and Late Middle Ages. Each presentation will last for about 90 minutes, with a break for coffee or tea roughly about halfway through. Notes will also be provided, summarising the main points of the presentation and commenting on aspects of the period under examination for which there was no time in the main presentation. To book a ticket for the various presentations, scroll down to the bottom of this page

The overarching principle of the presentations remains the same – i.e. the focus is on the History of Shrewsbury, but placed in the context of English, British and international events. Various themes will be looked at that seek to give a flavour of life in the town at particular points of its history. These themes are outlined below.

The presentations are thoroughly researched and presented as accurate history but they are presented in a manner to appeal to the interested layman rather than the professional historian. It is hoped that people who become interested in particular aspects of the town’s history will go on to investigate those aspects to a degree not possible in these more generalised histories. However, it is also hoped that everyone will enjoy the presentations and gain knowledge from them.

themes, questions and issues