Shrewsbury Civic Society statement concerning the Shrewsbury Big Town Plan

Shrewsbury Civic Society’s members reflect a wide range of views about development and the town’s future. The Society’s comments on such important matters as the Big Town Plan therefore represent overall agreed positions in keeping with our stated charitable objectives to preserve, and develop Shrewsbury’s heritage of buildings and land.

  1. We welcome the Big Town Plan initiative to care for and improve the town. It is particularly helpful in providing some key themes, and goals, such as the objective to ‘Nurture Natural Shrewsbury’.
  1. The Society is aware that, currently, there is much work to be done before particular projects are specified and we await these with interest, hoping that plans will eventually be supported by adopted policies. We commend the continuing openness and wide consultation and recognise that particular projects may attract very varied opinions.
  1. The Big Town Plan booklet, has an assumption that Shrewsbury is “special”, and that many have an “abiding love for the town”. We thoroughly agree. We feel therefore that a further objective to “Cherish Shrewsbury’s Heritage” would be both appropriate and popular.
  1. We have already made specific suggestions about the “Shrewsbury Test” and may offer comments on other proposals as they emerge. Eventually, we will respond to any resultant planning applications.
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