Dear Shrewsbury Civic Society Members,

Membership renewal took place on April 1 2020; I would like to thank our memberships who have  already renewed this year, but many of our members who pay by cheque or by cash have not been able to come in to Bear Steps Hall. Members have asked  how they can pay their annual fees with the lock-down restrictions in place.

If you are familiar with on line banking and are using it from home this is a way you can help. You can set up a Standing order to be taken now and then on 01/04/ each year. Alternatively, you can transfer funds.

Our details can be found in the newsletter or on application to

Membership costs are:

Single £15             Family £25              Corporate £50

 Members who have paid by Standing Order – could you please check the amount on your account and amend accordingly.  Although a lot of work was done last year to get the banks to implement the new fees, some have not implemented our instructions and about 30 standing orders have not been updated. We also had some members where the banks had taken their fee every month instead of once a year. This has been corrected in the most part and those members have been reimbursed, but is always worth checking your standing order

As you are aware the Bear Steps Hall and our Art Gallery are closed due to the Coronavirus Crisis, but the work we do on your behalf will continue.

Our Planning Committee – chaired by Mike Carter – still operates via computer technology; it has become a virtual community for the time being.

Any questions or comments regarding planning or anything else should be sent to Your communication will be redirected to the appropriate people.

Our website is available with current information; .There is also a quiz to test you, podcasts and a video of the whole NWRR conference. This has 2 hours of all the experts from various backgrounds who spoke at the conference

We do hope you are remaining safe and well.

Best Wishes

Bibbs Cameron
Shrewsbury Civic Society