We have some exceptional women who came from or lived in Shropshire, who attained remarkable achievements in their lifetimes.

Each has a unique story to tell. From Warrior Queen to War Heroine, Artist, Writers, Nurses, we can be proud of them all. Women are often forgotten in history – this is your chance to remember them.

1. Ethelraeda; Lady of Mercia, Warrior Queen.

2. Margaret Rope; Stained Glass Artist

3. Eglantine Jebb; Founder of Save the Children.

4. Julia Bainbridge Wightman; Temperance leader and Author.

5. Lady Berwick; Nursing heroine of WW1.

6. Mary Webb; Author of Gone to Earth + other books based in Shropshire.

7. Edith Pargeter (Ellis Peters); Author of the Cadfael Chronicles + 70 other books.

8. Mrs Katherine Hurley; Suffragist, and WW1 heroine.

9. Dame Agnes Hunt; Orthopaedics Pioneer.

10. Esmeralda; Gypsy Queen, Pre-Raphaelite model, Victor Hugo’s Muse.

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