Latest Planning News (December 2020)

Big Town Plan
We are still waiting for the publication of the second phase of the BTP. There have been delays due to the pandemic which has led the council to rethink the brief. Look out for updates soon. This has also affected work on proposals at the Riverside Shopping centre, where it looks like it will be some time before any demolition takes place

Castle Street

A framework has been published which seeks to reimagine Castle Street and the station forecourt. There are many interesting proposals, although it will be some time before we see any planning applications. Take a look at the Big Town Plan website to view their ideas and have your say. 

Green Space

There have been a number of applications to develop land that has significant wildlife value. One adjacent to Red Barn Lane off Longden Road would impinge on one of Shrewsbury’s green corridors, the other at land east of Battlefield Road would affect land which is considered almost ancient woodland. Neither are in SAMDev. Applications for both these sites have been refused before. Longden Road has been refused again, and Battlefield Road is still pending a decision

Change of Use
There is a welcome trickle of applications to change the use of redundant commercial space above shops into dwellings. Generally where the ground floor units remain unaffected and where the buildings’ size does not lend themselves to office space, this is seen as an important way to help ensure that buildings are maintained and more residents are able to live within the town centre.

There have been numerous applications to fell trees in recent months. It seems that many owners see them as a problem rather than an asset. One particular application for works along Beehive Lane received many objections, showing just how much local residents value these majestic plants.


Shrewsbury Civic Society has decided to create and keep a new List of Special Local Buildings (SLB), which are considered worth preserving, but do not qualify for the National List.

In the first instance the Society will compile an initial list, which then will remain open to the public’s suggestions for further additions. Suitable entries are buildings of some unique quality such as architectural merit and/or historical significance for the town, such as the Stew and Shirehall.