See how many of the questions below you can answer correctly!

Q1: Which is the highest peak in Shropshire?

Q2: Which Welsh prince captured Shrewsbury Castle in 1215?

Q3: Where is the only major met office weather station in Shropshire?

Q4: In which year was Shrewsbury prison closed?

Q5: Of which abbey was St Milburga once abbess?

Q6: Lime sentry is an anagram of which place in Shropshire?

Q7: How many park and ride car-parks are there in Shrewsbury?

Q8: Which Shropshire brewery was once based in Mytton Oak Road before moving to Hadnall?

Q9: Which is the smallest settlement in Shropshire that is officially categorised as a town?

Q10: Which former captain of England’s men’s football team was born in Ironbridge?

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