Decision on the Stew

The application from 2018, has now been approved by Shropshire Council.

Councillors voted unanimously to approve the scheme that involves a large modern extension to the building on the Guildhall side. This will enable seven apartments and several ground-floor uses. It will also provide for the renovation of a fair proportion of the original building.

The extension planned is modern and distinctive from the existing structure. It is claimed to provide a degree of economic sustainability. 

We are pleased that the 15-year impasse may be over. We expect that the details of the Conditions attached to the permission, will help the plan to harmonise with the historic building and the Quay area.

Shrewsbury Civic Society recognises the importance of The Stew as a rare and significant contributor to the Conservation Area and Frankwell’s Special Character Area.

Consequently, it is regretted that this scheme involves:

  • demolishing some of the original fabric of the Stew;
  • building an extension whose mass will overshadow the building;
  • diminishing the Stew’s heritage significance beside a large modern extension;
  • introducing accommodation to a non-residential area .


  • the Council says it is the only way in which the building can have a future; *
  • the current owner (999yr lease) will not consider any other scheme;
  • the Conditions include several that concern the detailed renovation of the remaining walls and particularly the West (Maltings facing) façade.

The Civic Society notes that Councillors have accepted the scheme and hopes that, at last, the building will be restored without delay. The large number of planning Conditions should be enforced to help the original Stew to be distinctive beside its large modern extension.

* We are not convinced that there are no other economically sustainable schemes possible. Historic England is also concerned by the scale of development but accepts it only if it is “fully justified” in economic viability. The arguments used fall short of full justification. However, the owner is adamant in pursuing this scheme alone.

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