shrewsbury civic society statement on the proposed travelodge in barker street

Shrewsbury Civic Society (SCS) is pleased that the planning application for the proposed Travelodge in Barker Street has been withdrawn.  This is both sensible and a welcome move by the developer which will allow time for further reflection and consideration of the original application.

The basic points of our objection are:

1:  We strongly support the principle of development on this site and have done for over 20 years
2:  We are opposed to the scale – particularly the height of the proposed building
3:  We recognise the efforts of the architects to provide a contextual design
4:  The footprint of the development is broadly acceptable
5:  The proposed uses of the site are acceptable
6:  We strongly object to the impact this development would have on the neighbouring environment to the rear
7:  Our key comment is that this area needs a master plan as a prerequisite for any development on this site.  SCS would be happy to discuss this further with the relevant bodies.  Otherwise we could end up with a hotch-potch that pleases no one and offends almost everyone.

SCS welcomes the statement from Morris Property that they are “Taking on board comments from the Civic Society and others we are working closely with the planning department on the aesthetics of the design”.  SCS would also welcome further involvement with this.