The Town Trail booklet gives you a potted history of the town from its early days as a Welsh tribal capital through to the foundation of The Abbey in 1083 then on to the Battle of Shrewsbury in 1403.

1645 brought to Shrewsbury the civil war with the Cavaliers and Prince Rupert in town and the Parliamentarians outside eventually breaking in.

Later we have industrialization taking place with William Hazledine’s foundry producing iron for bridges including the Menai Bridge.

In 1809 Charles Darwin was born at The Mount in Shrewsbury and lived here the first 26 years of his life. He was educated at Shrewsbury School which is now our library.

We have an award winning Market and even an example of Brutalist Architecture with in what English Heritage has called “The finest Tudor town in England”

With so much history to cover The Town Trail takes you on a historic walk of Shrewsbury each page gives details of the towns wonderful buildings in a numbered guide. 35 Pages of detailed history for £3.50.

It can be purchased in our shop or email us at for information.

(Scroll down for a map of the Town Trail)


1. Bear Steps Hall
2. St. Alkmund’s Church
3. Abbot’s House
4. Kingston House
5. Prince Rupert Hotel
6. St. Mary’s Church
7. Drapers’ Hall
8. Olde Yorkshire House Inn
9. St. Mary’s Cottage
10. Jacobean Town House
11. Old County Gaol
12. Library (originally the Royal Free Grammar School)
13. Castle
14. Castle Gates House
15. Council House Gatehouse
16. Old Council House
17. Adam style house
18. Perche’s Mansion
19. Windsor House
20. The Parade (shopping arcade) and Court (flats) Formerly the Royal Salop Infirmary
21. Cromwell’s Hotel
22. Newport House formerly the Guildhall
23. Former Welsh Tabernacle Chapel
24. Old House
25. A. W. Ward’s classical facades
26. Lion Hotel
27. Henry Tudor House
28. Mytton’s Mansion
29. Nag’s Head Inn
30. Sycamore House
31. Old Liberal Club
32. Old St. Chad’s Lady Chapel
33. Former Judges’ Lodgings
34. St. Julian’s Church
35. Old County Savings Bank
36. Clive House
37. Music Hall
38. Old Market Hall
39. Wolley’s House
40. Former Plouqh lnn
41. Owen’s Mansion
42. Ireland’s Mansion
43. Lloyds Bank
44. Former Cross Keys Inn
45. Rowley’s Museum
46. R.C. Cathedral
47. Thirteenth Century Watch Tower
48. St. Chad’s Church
49. County War Memorial
50. Darwin’s House
51. Glacial Erratic Boulder
52. Darwin Gate
53. The Abbey


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