Postponement of AGM

Dear Member,

I do hope that you are keeping well, within the context of these unprecedented circumstances.

The Civic Society remains one of the town’s most significant voluntary bodies, and continues to operate in its main capacities, albeit that the Bear Steps building itself is closed for the time being, until such time as things return to normal.

In that context, I regret to inform you that our AGM – held normally in July each year – is postponed until later this year. Given that the AGM is designed to approve the Society’s Draft Accounts and to elect a number of Charity Trustees for the year ahead, I shall arrange with the Treasurer to send you a copy of the Draft Accounts as soon as possible, so that you can ascertain the Society’s financial position for the Financial year gone by….

As for the Trustees, those who were elected at last year’s AGM will remain in that position for the moment, though they may collectively decide to co-opt other members during the interim, in accordance with the Articles of Association. 

I also regret to inform you that the annual Cartoon Festival shall not be taking place this year, due to a decision by its organisers.

In the meantime, I would remind all Society Members that our standing committees are as follows: Gallery (chaired by John Brown), Planning (chaired by Mike Carter), House (chaired by Mike Dinneen) and Finance (chaired by my self). There are also several ad hoc groups, composed of people volunteering from within our membership, as follows: Buildings of Concern (chaired by Simon Beedles), Access (Chaired by Jordanis Petridis) and Awards (chairmanship pending), and Shrewsbury Growing Forward (Chaired by Councillor Julian Dean).

I must thank all those who lead the Committees and Groups listed above, and also our key officials, such as my Vice Chairman, Mike Dinneen, our Treasurer Dave Shepherd, our Membership Secretary Bibbs Cameron, and our Newsletter Editor and Website co-ordinator, Russell Game.

Finally, I would thank you for your continued support toward Shrewsbury Civic Society, and express the hope that you will keep in touch by Email – if you currently have any major concerns about the Town (e.g. North West Relief Road? Big Town Plan?), or call in to see us at the Bear Steps Office, once open again!

Very best wishes, Byron Grainger-Jones
Chairman, Shrewsbury Civic Society