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Scroll down to find out some details about the artists who have exhibited or will exhibit at the Bear Steps Art Gallery, together with links to their websites or Facebook pages so that you can find out more about them or browse through their artwork.

If you are an artist who has exhibited at Bear Steps, or one who is about to do so, and you are not included in our list of artists below, but would like to be, then get in touch with us at – please include a few words about yourself and details of your website or Facebook page, if you have one.


Sam grew up in the Yorkshire Dales and describes himself as a ‘very outdoors person’, enjoying skiing, climbing, caving and mountaineering. He has a scientific background, using photography as a creative outlet. He has travelled extensively and has now settled in Four Crosses, Powys, just over the Shropshire border.

Find out more about him here: Sam Davis Photography


Elizabeth has been painting since she was a child. She is inspired by her visions and the way in which she sees connections in the universe. Her artwork is created in mixed media, though she prefers layered acrylics, pouring medium, acrylic inks, structured gel and gold leaf. Most of her pieces combine these.

Find out more about her here: Elizabeth Darlington Art

sally sparrow

Sally is self-taught and has been experimenting in aspects of photography for more than decade. She directs all of her photoshoots and she looks to create unique images of interest, which can be enhanced by using the latest digital techniques. She has had much of her work published in various magazine, including Vogue Italia

Find out more about her here: Sally Sparrow Photography

jacob gourley

Jacob is an oil figurative painter who is based in Shropshire. His work includes various subjects, raging from ‘social documentary style portraiture, to stage set murals’. He also provides private tuition sessions, hosts several workshops and is available for personal commissions. He will welcome all-comers to his sessions, regardless of ability

Find out more about him here: Jacob Gourley Art

adam guiel

Adam Guiel was born in Reading, where he also studied graphic design. He later developed his skills in photography, product design and psychology at Walford and north Shropshire College. After moving to Shropshire he set up his own photography & graphic design company. Over the past few years he has been working quietly in the back ground to produce a series of dream inspired prints named “Views from the unconscious”. He hopes that viewers of his work will be able to relate to the emotions he puts in to his pieces through their own experiences and reflect on the deep messages hidden within the pieces.

Find out more about him here: Adam Guiel Art

charlotte durie

Charlotte states that she grew up wanting to be a horse, spending time pretending to be one. She then says that when she wasn’t trying to be a gorse, she was drawing them. This was the start of her career in art, where she learned much from her experience as a life model. She has now moved on from just drawing horses and is fascinated by the ‘mystery’ of city scenes and the hidden meaning in forests. Much of her more recent work is focused on the natural world.

Find out more about her here: Charlotte Durie Art

jon young

Jon lives in rural Shropshire, painting people and places in a bold colourist style. He states that he likes to share the beauty that is in places and in people through his use of light and colour. His cards are all painted locally, and he uses recycled envelopes wrapped in plant-based cellulose, and his paintings are developed in repurposed board or quality canvas before being framed locally.

Find out more about Jon here: Jon Young Art

shrewsbury lacemakers

The lacemakers meet in the Bayston Hill Memorial Hall every second Saturday of the month at 10 am, and they are always open to welcoming new members, who just need a mug for the tea or coffee that is provided. They have an experienced professional tutor for most of the session and there are pillows and bobbins available for absolute beginners to have a go at lacemaking. If you fancy this, just drop them an email so that they can ensure someone will be ready to welcome you.

Find out more here: Shrewsbury Lacemakers, Shrewsbury

shropshire art society

This a thriving community of artists and lovers of the visual arts, based in Shropshire. It normally has two annual exhibitions of its work in Shrewsbury, and it organises a variety of activities for members, such as workshops, lectures, gallery trips and painting holidays. The society was formed in 1948, evolving from a group of Shrewsbury artists that had been meeting since 1924. It is a now a community of some 200 people and it is open to both painters and non-painters, provided they are resident in Shropshire and have an interest in the visual arts

Find out more here: Shropshire Art Society

shropshire scribes

Shropshire Scribes have an annual programme of events that includes workshops, lectures, exhibitions and more. They start their season in September with Taster Days to introduce people to calligraphy and then go into a programme of regular Saturday workshops tutored by professional calligraphers.  All are welcome to try their hand at this art or to attend any of their events.

Find out more here: Shropshire Scribes

janice gill

Much of Janice’s work depicts the wildlife of Britain, particularly in Shropshire and Wales. She calls herself a ‘general creative’, who works with a variety of media and materials, notably acrylics, oils and watercolours. She is interested in digital photography and other digital media, which allows her to produce hybrid works. Look out for her wirework jewellery!

Find out more about her here: Janice Gill – Artist Profile | Visual Art Network – Visual Art at the heart of Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin

caroline north

A self-taught artist living in Shrewsbury, Caroline has developed her own technique using the medium of fumage. This is a medium whereby an artist uses the smoke from a lit candle to deposit soot on canvas or paper and create images from that soot. It is a technique popularised in the 1930s and it allows for the creation of hazy images that call to mind apparitions or dreams

Find out more here: Art | Caroline North Art

sam waters

Sam loves being an artist in the heart of Shropshire, and she is regularly inspired by her environment. She loves being on a beach, which not only inspires her artwork but also clears her mind. She states that she is on her own creative journey, grasping every chance to learn and develop her creative practice.

Find out more here: Sam Waters – Contemporary Artist (

ffeisty ffelters

These are a group of some 15 enthusiasts who meet regularly and exhibit their feltwork annually. They have felt makers from a variety of backgrounds and experience, ranging from beginners to professionals. They are always willing to share their knowledge and they welcome new members

Find out more about them here: (2) Ffeisty Ffelters | Facebook

harvey taylor

Harvey has recently moved to Shrewsbury and is now in the process of developing new art after a multifarious career. He now also has story-telling events for children and performance poetry events for adults.

Learn more about Harvey and his work here: Harvey Taylor Art and Performance | because it is different (

gill stokes

Gill grew up in Warwickshire, where she developed a love of drawing and painting, spending her pocket money on brushes and pencils. After studying fine art and design, she became a primary school teacher. She never lost her love of art, but found she only had the time to follow her dream of becoming an artist after she finished teaching. She is largely self-taught and usually paints with oils, focusing on large dramatic or small intimate landscapes. She has now held numerous exhibitions and many of her paintings decorate locations in the UK and Europe.

Find out more here: Gill Stokes |

keith jepson

Keith lost his sight in one eye after a mountain bike accident, but this did not stop him from rediscovering his passion for art – or indeed, from carrying on cycling. (He runs Bike Hire Shrewsbury). His subjects for his art are usually taken from his travels on his bike, thus they are often landscapes from the Shropshire countryside.

Find out more here: Keith Jepson – Artist Profile | Visual Art Network – Visual Art at the heart of Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin

stephen michael law

Stephen is a self-taught artist, with no formal art qualifications. After some few paintings in his younger days, he started painting again after retirement, favouring acrylics, though occasionally dabbling with oils or watercolours. He also likes to sketch and use charcoal. He tends to find his inspiration in the world around him, which can be almost anything from figures to flowers.

Find out more about Stephen here: Stephen Michael Law artyboi Telford artist (

sheila benson

Sheila is a self-taught artist who has been drawing and painting for 30 years. She describes herself as a whisky drinker and a loner, and she has several interests, many of which are reflected in her artwork. Her work has been described as ‘edgy’ and ‘cool’, though she urges people to come and judge for themselves


Find out more here: Sheila Benson – Art Off

arran mclachlan

Having suffered from mental health issues, Arran has developed his artistic skills as a means to encourage those who are suffering from similar issues. He finds art to be a calming and reflective genre, and feels it has a role to play in the recovery of those dealing with mental health issues. He has found some of his inspiration in the works of Banksy and Damien Hirst.

For more information, click here: Arran Doug-Life McLachlan | Facebook

jordan stokes

Jordan concentrates on photography that looks at the world around us, with portraits of the environment and shots of Shrewsbury’s historic streets, many of which are looked at from different angles. He has suffered from some mental health issues, and he considers his love of photography to be both inspiring and therapeutic. This is why he believes his photographs reveal rarely seen angles and passion

Find out more about Jordan here:

other exhibiting artists

These artists are listed as having exhibited at Bear Steps Gallery, but we have not been able to find a biography of them or a website/Facebook page.

Joanna Rogers

John Willetts

Pat Griffiths

Richard Royle

David Holland