History group season three

The History of shrewsbury 1485-1714

The History Group Season Three will start in August 2023. The focus this time will be on Shrewsbury from 1485 until 1714 – the Tudors and the Stuarts. Once again there will be five separate presentations, lasting approximately 90 minutes, with refreshments and notes included in the price. Details can be found below or on www.shrewsburyhistorica.co.uk

The reign of Henry VII and some truths about Henry VIII, religious dispute and the Protestant Reformation, its effects on Shrewsbury Abbey and the friaries in the town, the impact of Mary I and the significance of Elizabeth I

Sunday, August 20 @ 4.30 pm

Wednesday, August 23 @ 7.00 pm

PRESENTATION 2: The 16th and 17th century economy
The growing influence of the Drapers and the development of a river trade, economic problems in Tudor times and the growth of vagabondage, the changing education system in Shrewsbury and developments in the 17th century.

Sunday, September 24 @ 4.30 pm
Wednesday, September 27 @ 7.00 pm

PRESENTATION 3: Society in the 16th and 17th centuries
Life in Tudor and Stuart Shrewsbury, entertainment and Puritanism, dealing with disease, particularly the 1650 outbreak of plague, the extent of religious extremism in Shrewsbury, the changes to the townscape by the end of the 17th century

Sunday, October 22 @ 4.30 pm
Wednesday, October 25 @ 7.00 pm

PRESENTATION 4: The English Civil War and beyond
The reasons for and events of the English Civil War, the ways in which the Civil War affected Shrewsbury, Republican rule after the execution of Charles I, Charles II and the Restoration, James II in Shrewsbury and William III and the Glorious Revolution

Sunday, November 19 @ 4.30 pm
Wednesday, November 22 @ 7.00 pm


PRESENTATION 5: Personalities of the Period
The ‘scary’ Bishop Lee, Sir Philip Sidney and the link to Zutphen, the fate of Prince Rupert, John Benbow, parliamentary hero and traitor, Charles II and the oak at Boscobel, and the ‘hanging judge’ of Wem

Sunday, December 17 @ 4.30 pm
Wednesday, December 20 @ 7.00 pm

As with Seasons One and Two, each session provides a handout with brief notes of the presentation, together with some of the other issues of the period for which there was no time in the presentation itself. Tea and/or coffee will be provided.

Each session will be led by Russell Game, who has recently retired from teaching History and Politics at William Brookes School in Much Wenlock. Russell has a BA Honours degree in History and German from the University of Reading, and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) from the University of Exeter. He also studied at Konstanz University in Germany.

Currently Russell is a Board Trustee of Shrewsbury Civic Society, serving as archivist, researcher, webmaster and newsletter editor. He specialises in local history and is looking forward to sharing his knowledge with the participants in this course. He will be assisted by Bibbs Cameron, an ex-British Museum Guide, who is also a Board Trustee of the Civic Society and Membership Secretary.